Big Daddy's is BYO-Fun

Includes two of our fresh vegetables side order's and a big ol slices of Texas toast.
Sliced Beef
Chop Beef (Very Lean)
Breast of Turkey
Smoked Pit Ham
Big Daddy's Hot Links
Hickory Smoked Pork Ribs
Pulled Pork
Hickory Smoked Sausage
BBQ Chicken
Two Meat Combo - Any two meats
Three Meat Combo - Any three meats

---- VEGETABLES ----
BBQ Smoked Beans
Jalapenos Cowboy Beans 'Spicy'
Homestyle Thick Green Beans - With Onions
Corn on Cob - 'Buttery'
Celery Seed Coleslaw
Homemade Country Fresh Potato Salad - Mayo
Homemade Southern Style Potato Salad - Mustard
French Fries - Old Fashioned - Fried Okra
Cucumbers Vinegar Salad – Cold and Crispy

---- SANDWICHES ----
Take one of these home with our award winning Big Daddy's BBQ Sauce
Sliced Beef
Chop Beef
Hot Links
Hickory Smoked Sausage
Breast of Turkey
Hickory Smoked Pit ham
'Big Ass Ham' (on Texas Toast)
Pulled Pork
Sandwich Plate - with two veggies
Two Meat Sandwiches - on Texas Toast
Pork Rib Sandwich - 3 ribs - Texas Toast

Beef - Pork - Ham -Sausage - Turkey - Hot Links
with 1/2 Pint BBQ Sauce

---- PORK RIBS ----
Rib Pack - 1 rack of ribs - 2 pints of veggies - 4 slices of Texas Toast - BBQ Sauce
---- DESSERTS ----
Banana Pudding - Pecan Pie - Peach Cobbler

Fountain drinks - Fresh brewed ice tea - Big Daddy's is BYOB - Bring Your Own Fun!